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A Whole New Experience With Whole-House Audio

Add music to your life by enjoying all your favorite songs throughout your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

A Whole New Experience With Whole-House Audio

Silence is golden, except when you want to fill your life with music. Instead of using your earbuds or traditional speakers that are confined to a single room, go bigger and better! By upgrading your home in Scottsdale, AZ, with whole-house audio, you hear the music wherever you go – unencumbered by headphones, earbuds, or one-room speakers. Best of all, you’ll enjoy seamless control of your new system.

That’s what a fully connected home is all about – ease, comfort, and convenience. With a whole-house sound system, you won’t worry about volume knobs, speaker adjustments, messy cables, or missing your favorite song when you go to another room. Integrate music into your life by reading more about the benefits of installing an integrated audio system in your home.

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Expand the Entertainment throughout Your Home

You’re planning a large group get-together, but you only have one audio system in your living area. It may be a great system, but it can’t send music to outside areas or even to different rooms. You could run some wires to other speakers, but that would be too time consuming and messy.

The solution? A fully integrated home audio system. No matter when, how, or where you choose to listen to music, you’ll never feel limited again. Send the music to every room in your house or select rooms. In fact, you can also create playlists for different zones – upbeat songs outside and soothing music inside. The choice is yours. And why worry about controls? Simply adjust everything with a touch panel, remote, tablet, or smartphone. A whole-home audio system, like Sonos, puts all controls at your fingertips.  

High-Fidelity Sound That Puts You in the Center of It All

Crisp, clear, and high-quality music – that’s what you get with a multi-room audio system. A traditional system or earbuds are prone to distortion and unnecessary “noise.” However, Hi-Fi speakers produce sound that makes you feel like you’re listening to a live performance. By installing premium speakers and placing them in the best and aesthetically pleasing locations, your home will sound like a music venue. That’s because improvements in technology bring these products closer than ever to perfection.

Seamless Control through Advanced Technology

Let’s be honest. You want to be pampered. Long gone are the days when you had to get up to turn the TV on and off. Now, the same is true with so many electronic devices in your home. From automated lights and motorized shades to surveillance systems and home theaters, everything in your home can become “smart.” Manage your music and all other electronic components from your mobile device or through voice control.

Do you want to integrate music into your entire home? Desert Sound & Security has been proudly serving the local area for more than 29 years. Call (623) 322-5458 or contact us to get started on your project today!

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