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An Outdoor Entertainment Experience Like No Other

Expand your living space by adding high-definition audio, 4K TVs, and smart devices to your outside areas.

An Outdoor Entertainment Experience Like No Other

Getting tired of spending most of your time indoors? Don’t confine yourself. If you have a patio, a pool deck, or even a spacious backyard, there are remarkable ways to expand your living space! Create a modern outdoor entertainment area for your home in Paradise Valley, AZ. Whether you want to enjoy a TV show on your patio or listen to music through high-fidelity speakers, your choices are never limited when you depend on Desert Sound & Security. Read our blog to see how to take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

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Get Out of the House for a While

Your living room may only be a few steps away, but there’s something refreshing about being outdoors – even if it’s on your own property. Why not make it even more enjoyable? Transform your outdoor space by making it an entertainment hub for a family pool party, a date night with a loved one, or a cocktail after a long day. Extra space, great weather, and plenty of music. There are so many reasons to upgrade your backyard.

We’ll first start with music – whole-home audio. Instead of depending on a few movable speakers to listen to your favorite songs when outside, experience music like it’s meant to be with high-fidelity audio designed for the outdoors. By installing top brand speakers and audio systems from premium brands in the industry, you’ll guarantee outdoor music that can’t be beat. Sound so crisp and outstanding, it will be like you have a live band in your backyard. Enjoy a reliable system for years with speakers that can withstand extreme weather, water and debris.

Vivid, High-Definition Images with 4K TVs

This isn’t your grandfather’s TV! In fact, even televisions from a few years ago are now out of date. Today’s TVs provide the most vivid images imaginable, and they are smart too. That is, they can be fully integrated into your smart home. Is someone at the door? Check your TV screen to see who it is. You can also talk to your TV to search for shows or set up video conferences.

And the picture quality! Nothing beats a 4K high-definition TV. With special outdoor TVs, you’ll never need to worry about glare or natural light bleed affecting the image. The latest and greatest outdoor TVs display images that are true to life. They expand the range of color, contrast, and detail beyond what's possible for other TVs. That, coupled with your new audio system, creates a stunning sensory experience.

A Smart Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

Is your home as smart on the outside as it is on the inside? Home automation can go wherever you go – inside, outside, or away from your home. Control everything from your phone or tablet as you recline on the patio, wade in the pool, or enjoy time in your gazebo. From the lighting system and smart door locks to the audio and TV, you’ve got it all at your fingertips. You can also control the AC, major appliances, and any other connected smart device.

Ready to make your outdoor area a place for entertainment? Find out how Desert Sound & Security, a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, makes outdoor living enjoyable. Call us at (877) 246-5458 or fill out our online contact form.

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