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The Latest Lighting Solutions from a Trusted Lutron Dealer

How Innovative Luton Ketra Natural Lighting Reveals a Spectrum of Possibilities

The Latest Lighting Solutions from a Trusted Lutron Dealer

If you’re like most homeowners, you use traditional lighting for your home – fan lights, recessed lights, floor lamps, and maybe even fluorescents. But what if we told you that you could have better? In fact, innovative Lutron Ketra lights can even improve your well-being. Their tunable and human-centric lighting features are designed specifically to promote wellness in your home.

A wellness-focused lighting design makes all the difference to your day. As a trusted Lutron dealer in Scottsdale, AZ, Desert Sound and Security can bring happiness and productivity to your daily life by simply upgrading your lights. Read our blog to find out about the latest features available to you from Lutron Ketra.

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Ketra: The Natural Choice for Lighting

Understanding that sunlight plays an important role in maintaining good health, Lutron Ketra is an innovative lighting system that accurately mimics natural light. For instance, the right color and brightness during specific times to ensure your body’s clock and Earth’s clock are synchronized. The result is improved sleep, higher energy levels, and even a greater sense of well-being.

For instance, studies show that people enjoy a natural dimming effect that happens as the day turns to evening. Lutron Ketra lighting systems have a similar effect. The lighting slowly and imperceptibly changes hues, temperature, and brightness throughout the day and as evening draws near. It helps people feel connected to nature while working, living, and playing indoors.

The True Colors of Ketra Lighting

Even though Lutron Ketra lights offer automatic, natural dimming, you can still take complete control of the system. It’s personalized and smart lighting for your life. Do you want an amber hue in the evening? Then simply change the lights by setting a programmable scene. You can choose from a variety of colors and then change the scene from your smartphone or Lutron tablet.

Of course, the Lutron system offers user-friendly controls as well. The system is so easy to operate. When you program various scenes for different rooms, just press a button, and everything changes. Having a party? Select the scene from your home automation system – the lights dim, change the hue, and provide the mood you want. No matter what activity you’re having, you can light every room according to your specifications.

And when it comes to colors, your choices are virtually endless. In fact, 17 million choices! Whatever your space, occasion, or time of day, you can create the ambiance you want – from cozy and warm to bright and lively. Lutron’s Ketra products are the next generation in illumination.


Light your world with lights that are completely customizable. Find out how Desert Sound and Security, a leading Lutron dealer, can update your home with Lutron Ketra lighting products. Call (623) 322-5458 or fill out our online form to get started on your lighting control project today!